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Importance of Education: One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers. Sayings of Prophet Mohammed - (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him)


1) S. Ahmad - Head of ICT 

(Bachelors Info. Technology - USA)

 Mr. Ahmed is leading ICT department but he also undertake a number  of other responsibilities at school. He is also a member of senior administration of the school.


Additional Responsibilities:

I took ICT IGCSE at school and it helped a great deal in college. Hani Mufeed. A former student of MAO now studying Civil Engineering at Orange Coast, USA speaks on ICT IGCSE.


Assistant to Principal in overseas recruitment.


Vocational Guidance Counsellor




Manager eLearning.


Editor & Publisher of school online newsletter.


Incharge School Academic Calendar.


Supervisor of School P.D Sessions.


Supervise school security online surveillance system


Designer and Editor of School Handbook.




(MAO ICT follows – QCA Schemes of work in Key stage 3 & 4)


Schemes of Work, Syllabus,

Vocabulary & Planning

Resource Site

S. Ahmed

Head of ICT


Year 10 students go for ICT IGCSE exams. These exams are conducted by MAO school on its own campus as we are the designated center of CIE Cambridge University - UK.

IGCSE CIE Curriculum

10R Grade

Schemes of Work

Spreadsheet Vocabulary

Wordprocessing Vocabulary

Syllabus ICT IGCSE


10W Grade

Schemes of Work

Wordprocessor Vocabulary

Powerpoint Vocabulary

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eHomework online:



eClass Assignments online:



IGCSE Past Papers Bank online:


Year 9
9.1     Creating a database using Microsoft Access
9.2     Creating a spreadsheet model using Microsoft Excel
9.3     Creating a website using Microsoft FrontPage
9.4     Creating a publication using Microsoft Publisher
9.5     Creating a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint
9.6     Project Work

Schemes of Work

Spreadsheet Vocabulary

Wordprocessor Vocabulary

Powerpoint Vocabulary

Year  8
8.1  Public information systems
8.2  Publishing on the web
8.3  Information: reliability, validity and bias
8.4  Models and presenting numeric data
8.5  An ICT system: Integrating applications to find solutions
8.6  Project Word.

Schemes of Work

Spreadsheet Vocabulary

Wordprocessor Vocabulary

Powerpoint Vocabulary


Year 7
7.1  Using ICT
7.2  Using data and information sources
7.3  Making a Leaflet
7.4  Introduction to modeling and presenting numeric data
7.5  Data handling
7.6  Control and monitoring
7.7  Project Word

Schemes of Work

Planning 7 & 8

Syllabus ICT

ICT at key stage 3

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Schemes of Work Year 6


ICT at key stages 1 and 2

Teaching Ideas on Schemes - Click Here

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Schemes of Work Year 5
Schemes of Work Year 4
Schemes of Work Year 3
Schemes of Work Year 2

Academic Achievements - Check IGCSE ICT Results for Previous Years


Important note: IT requests and complaints should be submitted to Head of IT but in my absence Nada Mustafa (Senior ICT Teacher) is incharge, and all IT requests  / complaints should be forwarded to her.  Head of ICT

Asalamalakum - (Peace be upon you)

I.C.T has increasing importance within MAO school curriculum. Not only does it support teaching and learning within other curriculum subjects, but it is also a subject in its own right Developing skills, knowledge and understanding in the use of I.C.T prepares pupils to use such technologies in their everyday and working lives. I.C.T tools enable pupils to access, share, analyze and present information gained from a variety of sources and in many different ways.


The use of I.C.T provides opportunities for pupils to work both collaboratively and independently, to consider which I.C.T tools best suit the task in hand and to know when and when not to use I.C.T to complete such a task. As such, the role of I.C.T within the curriculum is not only to enhance the learning experiences of pupils but also to help them develop the skills essential to participate effectively, both now and in the future.


Information Technology  Labs

We have three networked I.C.T  labs in Foundation Years, Primary and Secondary, which are fully equipped with latest state of art machines with color laser printers and Data-show projectors. Each Lab is air conditioned. 


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(Year 11 Students taking ICT IGCSE Exams)


Student Performance Assessment – We assessed the IT progress by monitoring : student’s class participation, class work, quizzes, assignments, tests and examinations.

Academic Achievements - Check IGCSE ICT Results for Previous Years


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