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Importance of Education: One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers. Sayings of Prophet Mohammed - (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him)


Bilal Ahhmed  - P.E Instructor & Incharge Fitness Club

(Our coach is from U.K - experienced and energetic)   


We at MAO school believe that in order to study hard we need a healthy mind, and a healthy mind  needs a healthy body. Our Fitness Club is fully equipped with the latest machinery related to  a variety of fitness routines and other activities such as;  bodybuilding, free weights use, jogging, cycling,  aerobic activities, boxing, table tennis and  badminton and more!



We offer fitness classes to the students several times a week in their P.E. classes. Staff have  free access to this facility seven days a week from 3pm to 10pm. We also have several 'women only' sessions. In addition we are looking at fitness orientated activities for the children both in the holidays and after school in term time. In this vein, we have introduced this summer a new and exciting course of 'Capoeira'. It is thought that Capoeira was developed  in Brazil, after the introduction of the slave trade and  the influence of the slaves from North  and West Africa.  Those slaves that managed to escape formed communities in the mountains. These Africans started a system of 'jungle warfare or ambush'. Capoeira was the key element in the unexpected attacks with  it's fast and tricky movements.  Capoeira became their weapon, their symbol of freedom. Those that were recaptured went back to the plantations and taught Capoeira to the other slaves. They practiced on Sundays (their day of rest). Music, singing, dance and ritual were added to Capoeira to disguise the fact that the slaves were practicing a deadly martial art.




Fantastic news for the boys in Primary the school have been lucky enough to meet up with Ahmed Sadd from Al Saif Martial Arts Club, Taiz. He has kindly offered to start a course of 'Capoeira'. If it is successful it will  go on next academic year. We hope it will be!


But what is the Martial Art of  'Capoeira'? In order to explain to us  what it  really is, he came to the school with his little brother and a friend to show us!


The children were fascinated and all sat quietly....... stunned by the demonstration. Mr Sadd's skills at the martial art are astounding!!  We hope that many kids want to do something active over the holiday and join up to start the course!


First Day at School!


We provide British Education blended with Yemeni Traditions. At M.A.O we care take care of

your children as our own. M.A.O  a caring school in the heart of Yemen.

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