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The Drama Clubs staged their Summer Show on 24th and 25th May 2008 to audiences of primary and secondary students, staff, families and friends. The Senior Drama Club  performed a play written by one of the drama members, Maha Nagib in 9W ? a short comedy about a magic hat that granted wishes.


It was a wonderful effort by the 4 Grade 9 girls who performed in the play, and by Rami Nagib in Grade 7 who also appeared in it.


The Senior Drama Club followed this by a performance of a song called ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’, which again featured Maha and Rami Nagib.



Well done to the Senior Drama Club members for all their hard work and confident performances and an especial well done to Maha, who I am sure will continue to delight us with her writing talent. The Junior Drama Club  followed this with a selection of choreographed mime scenes to a range of songs and one comedy mime sketch. 


The Juniors comprised 8 boys from Grade 7 and one boy from Grade 8 – with some special appearances by Shams Ahmed, Grade 4.  They had to learn to time their movements to fit in with the music and mime a range of parts.  They also took responsibility for all scene changes on stage, which they did quickly and efficiently. The group worked extremely hard in rehearsals and in the weeks leading up to the show were rehearsing up to 3 times a week after school. 


Our thanks go, not only to the students for their great performances, to the audience for being so well behaved, but to the students families for allowing them the time out of school hours to rehearse. 


Written by Teacher Yvonne: Junior Drama Club Coordinator and Secondary English Teacher.

A CD-ROM  of the Drama Club 2008 Performance is  available from the MAO school  Student Affairs Office for 500 YR.  You can order your copy on:  00967 223671/2


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