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British Education blended with Yemeni Traditions.



Importance of Education: One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers. Sayings of Prophet Mohammed - (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him)


MAO is a non-profit making school running by elected board of members. We follow English National Curriculum of England.  MAO is a vibrant co-educational school of approx 950 students from ages 5 to 18 yrs - Established since 1972.  





We don't have any position available at the moment but if you are a qualified and experienced teacher looking for a teaching position in the Middle East then you are welcome to apply. We will keep your resume with us for any suitable future position.

M.A.O Staff

(Our main staff is either from U.K or U.K trained)

M.A.O School is always looking for dedicated, motivated and inspirational teachers. As a qualified Teacher you will be an outstanding classroom practitioner. Your schemes of work will be creative, varied and flexible enough to promote differentiation, and commitment to pupil progression will inform every aspect of your teaching practice. With a sound understanding and complete commitment to the School's vision, ethos, and teaching and learning policy, you will lead by personal example and be prepared to take responsibility for performance across the curriculum. Your excellent classroom management strategies will be robust and flexible, and will be seen as central to the performance of you and your pupils.


Candidates must:
* be familiar with the National Curriculum or similar curriculum from overseas
* be seeking long-term, permanent or daily work
* have recognized teaching qualifications
* have at least two educational references


How to Apply?

Please download teacher application form and send it with your CV at:   Details of  benefits / sample contract and other necessary details are given as below.


All English classrooms are large and in good condition. Large quality white boards are to be found in each classroom and an OHP will be provided. You may also have access to power point projectors. The school has over 120 computers for the use of students and a dedicated computer room for primary. In the library we have a suit of computers (LRC) for student's use. It is an area that is not presently being fully utilized.

The Kindergarten and Primary schools are also well resourced with 3 dedicated reading rooms, a theatre, well resourced physical education and music facilities. Astroturf play areas with climbing frames.

Kindergarten - Grade 1 area is on equal footing with any well resourced school in the UK. You will be expected to get involved in the reading activities.

We have three new labs and three dedicated classrooms used by the Science area. These are serviced by two Technicians with a well-resourced Prep Room.  Thus there are few practical we cannot do. We have team of 13 staff in science. In Grade 8 students are entered for SATs /  Checkpoint.  From Grades 9 to 11 we follow the IGCSE Programmes.  In Grade 11 we follow AS Programmes in all the Sciences & Math's.


Curriculum-Info.   (We follow English National Curriculum of England)

     * Schemes of Work:  KG, Primary, Secondary.

     * Monthly Planning.  (Sample Monthly Lesson Plan Format).

     * Guideline on Lesson Planning (Sample).

Assessment - Key Exam.

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M.A.O Staff

Our main staff is either from U.K or U.K trained

A Video Message by MAO Teachers to New Teachers.

Check out more videos at MAO Studio-Line. Click Here 

Next year Calendar 2015-2016 available


The school offers enormous facilities and benefits. Some of them are listed as below:

1) Tax free salary (depending on experience - please see school contact for latest pay scale). We have good banking system (Int'l Bank of Yemen) where expat-staff could easily transfer their salaries to UK/USA/Pakistan/Australia/India, etc.
2) MAO usually offers two years contract but any expat-teacher could leave by giving two months written notice - otherwise you will lose at least one salary as per contract. (See sample contract below)
2) A bonus salary at the end of each school year.
3) School pays for work permit and visa fee for staff and dependents.
4) Medical family Insurance in a 5 star hospital of Taiz, Yemen.
5) Fully furnished Western standard accommodation. (See pictures below)
6) Yearly Air ticket(s) for family.
7) Internet facility to staff accommodation.
8) School pays all utility bills (Electricity, Gas and telephone).
9) Security / guards 24/7 staff accommodation and school.

Note: Living cost in Yemen is not much as most of our expat-staff easily lives under U$250/- a month.

 Important Information for new teaching staff

Staff Contract. (Sample Blank Format)

Professional Behavior is part of contract - (You have read & agreed before signing the employment contract)
School Newsletter
Policies & Procedures
Learn About My Taiz City
Learn About My Yemen
Google Satellite image of MAO School
  Other Details
Class size from 10 to 20 students.
Teachers work 190 days (approx.) as per academic calendar. See Calendar
15 hours contact time per week. (approx.)
You teach five days a week from Sat - Wed. (Thursday & Friday is a weekend/holiday)
Key Exam Guideline
Discipline Policy of the School. Details Available - Click here
Primary: We follow English National Curriculum of England.  Download Primary Curriculum  Schemes of work. For more details contact Haifa (Head of Primary)
Secondary: We follow English National Curriculum of England. Download Secondary Curriculum  Schemes of work. For more details contact (Head of Secondary) 
Student behaviour in general: Yemeni students are usually well behaved in comparison with UK standards. Discipline Policy of the School. Details Available - Click here


First Day at School!


We provide British Education blended with Yemeni Traditions. At M.A.O we care take care of

your children as our own. M.A.O  a caring school in the heart of Yemen.

Contact Us


M.A.O Int'l School, Camp street, Taiz, Yemen.  

Tel: ++967-4-223-671.    

Fax: ++967-4- 211-495.

E-mails: -




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Center for CIE Exams Cambridge.

COBIS - Member of Int'l Schools.

ISBI Member School.

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